About Us

Bella’s Best was founded in 2006 as an online provider of organic baked goods. It is named in honor of Kim Purnell’s Aunt, Bella Lamb Inman; her mother’s oldest sister, and the matriarch in her maternal family. Aunt Bella left an indelible imprint on many—one of love, affection, courage and an abundance of fabulous food. She was from a generation that knew nothing of microwaves and fast food…that believed the kitchen was the heart of the home—a place where bonds were forged, plans were made, issues were resolved and hearts were healed ....

Kim’s mother, the late Helen Lamb Purnell, her Aunt Bella, and their sisters passed this tradition on to her. They gave her their love, their wisdom, and their culinary secrets. Kim carried that knowledge with her, sharing it with family and friends at every turn. Then, after nearly twenty years as a college professor, Kim put her apron on, returning to her fondest childhood experiences, and sharing a part of her family legacy with others; so together, they could be reminded of a time when food nourished the body and the spirit.

When Kim reconnected with childhood friend Ray Grady in 2008, they instantly knew they made a perfect pair—in business & in life. With Ray’s expertise in sales, promotion, branding and quality control, Bella’s Best expanded in 2008 to offer their goodies at local farmer’s markets, festivals and a few exclusive retail outlets. At that point, they came to a more full awareness of the value and demand for their products—especially for Strucla—their specialty pastry.

Kim and Ray's customers let them know how much they appreciate the fact that Bella's compromises nothing in their efforts. "We always use the purest, finest, ingredients, embracing local producers and fair trade practices. Bella's Best goodies are 100% natural, organic and baked fresh to order. We are kind to our customers and gentle to the earth, using earth friendly packaging, composting, recycling and even organic gardening as integral aspects of our operation. We are involved in numerous local fundraising events and we donate a portion of our proceeds to various charities throughout the year. We do everything with love. It’s our way of honoring all the best in you, knowing Aunt Bella  (and now Mommy) are smiling down on us too!".