Classic Apricot Strucla



Aunt Bella’s Specialty—A scrumptious pastry filled with pure wonderfulness:  apricots, walnuts, coconut, golden raisins and “some mmm, mmm, mmm” in it! 

Auntie used to make this for us once a year, around Christmas time. We loved it so much, we’d hide it in cookie tins and keep it as long as possible. We never realized it was her plan all along—she was the one who provided the tins!

Today, we make our own preserves from organic fruit. We blend our own pastry dough by hand using all organic ingredients. And we fill it with all the goodies Aunt Bella used back then—coconut, walnuts and more.

Just taste it. Once you do, you’ll want your own tins!   Price reflects cost of one dozen full-sized Strucla.  Mini Strucla are available in the drop box for $36.00 p/dozen.

Price: $72.00
We're happy to gift package your order(s) and include a card as well. Just let us know!